What is sport development essay

WIPO’s capacity-building programs are demand driven and tailored to the social and cultural context of each country. They involve a wide range of stakeholders, such as government and public bodies, enforcement officials and judiciary, legal practitioners, agents, athletes, clubs and sports federations, event organizers, donors and sponsors, sports goods manufacturers, and television and media companies. International partners include the International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC).

Magic Bus India Foundation is an organisation that works with 300,000 children and 8,000 volunteers using a sport for development curriculum the organisation has developed over 15 years of working in India's slums and villages. The programme begins when a child is 7 years old, follows their journey through childhood and aims to create confident young people, ready for jobs or higher education opportunities. The organisation foster young adults who they call Community Youth Leaders to deliver the programme and to become role models and mentors for the children. [17] Both the young adults and children come from the same communities, so that a close and constant relationship is built. The young adults are trained to deliver the activity-based curricula we have pioneered, to bring about changes in behaviours and practices. They work to promote gender equality, access to education and health services, as well as developing a child's social and emotional skills. Their other key role is to work with the child’s support structure: the parents, the community at large and local institutions to ensure the change we make results in social, emotional and economic well-being.

What is sport development essay

what is sport development essay


what is sport development essaywhat is sport development essaywhat is sport development essaywhat is sport development essay