Urban and rural life essay

Basis for Comparison Urban Rural Meaning A settlement where the population is very high and has the features of a built environment, is known as urban. An area located in the outskirts, is known as rural. Includes
Cities and towns Villages and hamlet Life Fast and complicated Simple and relaxed Environment Greater isolation from nature. Direct contact with nature. Associated with Non-agricultural work, . trade, commerce or provision of services. Agriculture and livestock. Population size Densely populated Sparsely populated Development Planned settlement exists in urban areas, that are developed according to the process of urbanization and industrialization. Developed randomly, based on availability of natural vegetation and fauna in the area. Social mobility Highly intensive Less intensive Division of labor Always present at the time of job allotment. No such division.

There are more things to do than there is time. Urban life is fast paced. The main reason is that city provides variety of opportunities in every discipline of life. Without any shadow of doubt urban life is dominant. Still it has the color, the flavor to mesmerize anyone who is immersed in it. Life in the cities is more sparkling, and full of life. There are many things for a suburbanite to do, but they are all in the city to which the suburb is economically attached, and so vital travel time is required to get to where they can be done. Need essay sample on "Urban vs Rural Life" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Urban and rural life essay

urban and rural life essay


urban and rural life essayurban and rural life essayurban and rural life essayurban and rural life essay