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In 2007, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino teamed up to deliver the trashy, schlocky exploitation double feature Grindhouse . Rodriguez created the science-fiction-zombie-mad-scientist-horror flick Planet Terror , while Tarantino delivered the talky-muscle-car-slasher Death Proof . Fake trailers played between the features, including one that centered on one of Rodriguez’s reoccurring film characters, Isador “Machete” Cortez. Three years later, the Mexican-American director turned the fake trailer into a real full-length film called Machete .

Written Japanese in general, and news writing in particular, places a strong emphasis on brevity, and features heavy use of Sino-Japanese vocabulary and omission of grammar that would be used in speech. Most frequently, two-character kanji compounds are used to concisely express concepts that would otherwise require a lengthy clause if using spoken language. Nominalization is also common, often compacting a phrase into a string of kanji. Abbreviations are also frequent, reducing a term or kanji compound to just initial characters (as in acronyms in alphabetic writing systems ); these abbreviated terms might not be used in spoken language, but are understandable from looking at the characters in context. Furthermore, headlines are written in telegram style , yielding clipped phrases that are not grammatical sentences. Larger articles, especially front-page articles, also often have a one-paragraph summary at the beginning. [ citation needed ]

Style thesis feature box css

style thesis feature box css


style thesis feature box cssstyle thesis feature box cssstyle thesis feature box cssstyle thesis feature box css