Prison term policy paper

Screw - Prison Officer - probably originating from a Victorian form of punishment involving a wheel to be turned on which a screw could be turned to make it more or less difficult. Nerk/Nirk - Stupid/unpleasant person/inmate. Term of abuse used to the face. Nark - Squealer - Nonce - short derogatory term for (usually) well presented, potentially effete, usually well spoken prisoner with more than average learning causing perceived non-social attitudes -- usually with an implication of at least an effeminate nature or Gayness. Porridge - one time main meal (alleged) used as term for doing a prison sentence. Popularised by the popular BBC series "Porridge" - which in turn popularized many prison slang words. Rat - Squealer - Snout - tobacco - usually a small amount - used in trade. Squealer - anyone who gives information to another group - primarily to the prison authorities.

Policies initiated due to the War on Drugs have led to prison expansion and consequently allowed the prison-industrial complex to thrive. [34] A study states that “The number of persons awaiting trial or serving a sentence for a drug offense in prison or jail has increased from about 40,000 in 1980 to 450,000 today.” [34] The significance of creating efficient drug punishment is heightened by the relentless cycle created when imprisoning drug sellers. Even if a drug seller is persecuted, the drug industry still exists and other sellers take the place of the imprisoned seller. This is described as the “replacement effect.” [34] There is a constant supply of drug sellers and hence, a constant supply of potential prison inmates. The "war on drugs" has initiated a perpetual cycle of drug dealing and imprisonment. As a result of these events, in many ways, a domino effect has occurred: tough-on-drug policies led to overcrowding in prisons; this was one of the factors which led to the realization of the profiting gain from prison privatization; and this incentive became one of the factors which eventually led to the system now known as the prison-industrial complex. [35]

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Prison term policy paper

prison term policy paper


prison term policy paperprison term policy paperprison term policy paperprison term policy paper