Political decision making process essay

In our modern world, PDM in business field of finance are mostly base on the three categories: Autocratic, Collective-participative and consensus participative. Most of the financial organization practices the first category which is the Autocratic; this is because leaders have little or no trust for their employees. The Autocratic category of Decision Making allow the leader to make decision entirely on his or her own without any impute from others and take full responsibility for that decision. This style of decision-making is usually the best choice in case of emergency according to the decision maker may lose credibility if the decisions lead to a negative result. Collective-Participative decision-making is mostly practice after the Autocratic produced a negative result in an organization, the leaders may use this style of participative decision-making to fix the problem. Though the Collective-Participative decision-making is one of the best style in business decision-making, they seem to be less practice in our modern organization. The modern organization leaders does not care much about their employees ideas but they do care much about the organization profitability, they also believe that making decision in this manner consume lots of time and may delay the organization from generating profit. Consensus style of participative decision-making is the less practice style of decision-making in our financial organization because it consume lots of time and requires a great deal of forbearance according to .

New APSA statement regarding President Trump's executive order "Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States"
APSA condemns the new Executive Order issued on March 6, 2017, entitled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” and strongly urges President Trump to rescind it. Like the administration’s earlier Executive Order issued on January 27, this new order continues to generate detrimental effects on colleagues and students with whom we teach, write, and collaborate. It undermines academic freedom in the most fundamental way by restricting the ability of scholars to meet, learn and exchange ideas on campuses of American colleges and universities. As scholars and teachers, we deplore the interruption of research, teaching, and intellectual engagement that this order causes. Read full statement. Visit this link for travel ban resources.

Watching the Bihar developments unfold, it is difficult to avoid the impression that Nitish Kumar and BJP played out an intricately detailed, perfectly laid-out script. Consider the moves which started not on Wednesday but a day before when Nitish, unlike any other Opposition leaders except Sonia Gandhi, got a first-row seat during Ram Nath Kovind's swearing-in as 14th President of India. Mamata Banerjee was seated in the last row while Arvind Kejriwal was left high and dry. On Wednesday, minutes after Nitish had resigned as Bihar chief minister, Narendra Modi sent out two tweets to congratulate him. Simultaneously, BJP's state unit went into a core committee meeting while another meeting was going on in New Delhi. Shortly thereafter, BJP announced unconditional support to Nitish while he thanked prime minisiter on Twitter. Minutes later, all 53 BJP MLAs walked over to 1, Anne Marg, the official residence of the chief minister, and announced their support. The latest CNN News18 reports say that Nitish could stake claim for forming the government on Wednesday night itself. Janata Dal (United) has 71 MLAs. NDA's 58 seats give Nitish enough numbers to form the government. One could say that it stretches credulity to think that there is no premeditation in these turn of events. It's one more indication of how nimble-footed BJP is under the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duopoly. 

Political decision making process essay

political decision making process essay


political decision making process essaypolitical decision making process essaypolitical decision making process essaypolitical decision making process essay