Organise essay writing competition

What you are also going to need is a plan. Or, I’d rather say, The Plan. The plan must contain everything regarding your current project, such as terms and deadlines, working time, breaks, and so on. Start with general goals, like “Write my book until September.” This is your main direction. Now, figure out what exactly you will need to accomplish for each goal, and create a sub-list of steps needed to reach it. For example, it may be: “Finish chapters 1-6 before June 1st. Take a break. Work on chapters 7-9 throughout July. Finish chapter 10 in the beginning of August. Leave two weeks to proofread and edit. September 1st—final check.” Something like this. And, finally, create a daily plan based on these detailed steps. This way you will always know what you are doing, what for, and what’s next. And don’t forget about your thought container! Consider its content when planning.

Highlighting the template can be of great help in organizing your thoughts to make the best writing output. However, in my view, there are two issues that we need to look into it. Firstly, you need to know what is the task requiring you to do, is it a one-sided argument (" In your opinion") or a two-sided argument ("discuss both views")? Because the given types were very different in terms of answering the given task. Secondly, the given types have different highlights in writing your essay. This means that you need to identify first which type of essay you are going to answer.

Organise essay writing competition

organise essay writing competition


organise essay writing competitionorganise essay writing competitionorganise essay writing competitionorganise essay writing competition