Oranges are not the only fruit essay questions

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Raised by an oppressively evangelical mother, Jeanette grows up a good little Christian soldier, even going so far as to stitch samplers whose apocalyptic themes terrify her classmates. As she dryly notes, without self-pity or smugness, ``This tendency towards the exotic has brought me many problems, just as it did for William Blake.'' Jeanette would have remained in the fold but for her unconventional desires; though she can reconcile her love of women with her love of God, the church cannot. It could have been a grim tale, but this first novelwinner of England's Whitbread Prizeis in fact a wry and tender telling of a young girl's triumphantly coming into her own. Highly recommended. Barbara Hoffert, ``Library Journal''

This is surely what Winterson's novel was designed to be: a portrait of the artist as a young evangelist, her unquestioning Christian enthusiasm being an awakening to a creative life unforeseen by her "elders". The flashes of fairytale and newly minted legend interleaved in Jeanette's story are the signs of her hungry imagination. It is an utterly peculiar narrative, yet an example of a well-established genre. Like all such stories, it concludes with all the world before it. Lawrence's Paul Morel walks quickly towards the town; Joyce's Stephen Dedalus leaves for inspiring exile. At the end of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Jeanette returns to visit her mother, but is now liberated to be an amused spectator of her eccentric religious devotion. She has other places to go. The story gets its voltage from what will happen beyond its ending.

Oranges are not the only fruit essay questions

oranges are not the only fruit essay questions


oranges are not the only fruit essay questionsoranges are not the only fruit essay questionsoranges are not the only fruit essay questionsoranges are not the only fruit essay questions