Oppinion essay

Once again, it is ultimately up to you how you want the text to look and how you want your pages or column to look next to each other. If 14 (or whatever your leading is) looks too small or 7 (or whatever half the leading is) looks too big, then go with what looks best. Always try to keep an eye on the big picture, though. Don’t just look at one line of text, look at the entire paragraph. Don’t just look at one paragraph, look at the column. Don’t just look at one column, look at the page. Don’t just look at one page, look at the spread. And always keep the reader in mind. You are designing the document for the reader, not for yourself.

There is a reason why a woman’s vagina was locked up and guarded in ancient times until marriage: she could not be trusted with her sexual choices. Look at a modern woman’s sexual behavior and ask yourself who is gaining from her promiscuity . Alpha men are gaining. She’s wasting the few years of beauty she has to fuck them with absolutely no commitment or strings, and soon will be left alone, without a provider, and nothing to show for her prime years of beauty besides HPV and a bitter attitude. Ancient practices were followed to specifically avoid this outcome, no matter how “misogynist” they are to the modern feminist cunt.

Tris is regularly commenting on her plain looks. A trend that started with the wonderfully dubbed “Trilogy that shall not be named!” As if, stating someone isn’t jaw-droppingly attractive (while still giving conventionally attractive attributes) gives them more character. This seems to be a YA thing more than others, as I find adult fiction of a similar nature rarely delves deeply into looks after initial description (with the possible exception of fantasy creatures (fairies, elves, etc) or female protagonists under a male authors pen). In fact, because of this new emerging trope one of my favourite lines in the story was (***Spoiler***) Four commenting that if all he wanted was sex, he wouldn’t have gone to her first. (Spoiler end) One because it was funny, and two because it so fully shows why authors think it takes away the mary-sue trope. She’s not desirable, so she can’t be perfect.

Oppinion essay

oppinion essay


oppinion essayoppinion essayoppinion essayoppinion essay