Ib maths sl coursework

This is the criterion that was mostly misinterpreted by teachers with a quite a few students being awarded top levels because of their commitment or enthusiasm for the subject without any of this being evident in the student work. Students who presented explorations based on common textbook problems beyond the HL curriculum, were unable to score highly on this criterion because the mathematics was not understood fully to enable them to take ownership and extend the work beyond the theory presented. Some teachers understood the criterion descriptors well and this was transmitted to students effectively.

Foundation Programme in Science (Aston University): For students with good A-level (or equivalent) grades, but who narrowly miss our standard requirements, it is also possible to gain entry to this course by completing a Foundation Year , although please note the progression requirements ,  which include successfully passing an interview. The minimum A level grades we normally consider for entry to Optometry programmes via the Foundation Programme in Science are BBC, including two science subjects. We encourage you to apply for entry direct to the 1st year of the BSc Optometry in the first instance. 

Ib maths sl coursework

ib maths sl coursework


ib maths sl courseworkib maths sl courseworkib maths sl courseworkib maths sl coursework