Global warming research papers

The primary place where scientific studies related to global climate change are reported is the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Based on the outcome from a considerable number of studies in various fields related to global climate change, the AGU has issued a statement: Human Impacts on Climate . The American Meteorological Society, which promotes the development and dissemination of information and education on the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences, has also issued a statement on global changes .

Global warming may affect some parts of our society negatively but would likely benefit others. In fact, the current warming trend may be returning our global climate closer to that prevalent in the Garden of Eden. Compared to climate changes which have occurred in earth history, a temperature rise of a few degrees is a small fluctuation which will not lead to a complete melting of the polar caps or another ice age. Earth has a stable environmental system with many built-in feedback systems to maintain a uniform climate. It was designed by God and has only been dramatically upset by catastrophic events like the Genesis Flood. Catastrophic climate change will occur again in the future, but only by God's intervention in a sudden, violent conflagration of planet Earth in the end times (II Peter 3:1-12).

Global warming research papers

global warming research papers


global warming research papersglobal warming research papersglobal warming research papersglobal warming research papers