Forensic accounting term papers

The program harnesses the strengths of the School of Business, the School of Criminal Justice, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, and the College of Computing and Information. This interdisciplinary approach educates students in the protection, defense, and investigation of information and information systems in areas such as industry (., accounting and business consulting firms and cyber security and digital forensics companies) state and federal government (., state department, police, intelligence agencies), and not-for-profit environments.

"Alan Gray LLC (AG) worked with our organization to set up and manage a legal bill review and audit that has been very successful. The staff at AG worked together with us to develop a process that was fair and reasonable and was inclusive of our adjusting staff and our legal business partner. The appeal process AG put in place for our legal business partners works and our adjusting staff can opine on any special circumstances concerning a specific case. I highly recommend AG. Their staff works with us and they all have strong skill sets. They have the experience to problem solve and the desire to work with you to develop what you want. Throughout, I found AGI to be very responsive, professional and courteous and they certainly added great value in terms of the end product."

Forensic accounting term papers

forensic accounting term papers


forensic accounting term papersforensic accounting term papersforensic accounting term papersforensic accounting term papers