Essays on information

There is still much though that needs to be done in security. More solid mechanisms need to be put in place to stop hacking and copyright violations. Some traders have lost their money through fraudulent websites. In most cases tracing has been a problem putting the information systems advancement in jeopardy. In broad terms, information systems aim at improving one’s choices and decision making in my opinion. People are thus able to do many kinds of businesses throughout the world on web, thus facilitating competence and consequently economic growth.

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Advancement in ICT has spawned the information and communications to everyone cross the globe. Businesses, companies, customers, governments and other entities or people could now share and have access to information and other expertise. As such, better decision making could be made if the decision maker is more informed. Apart from decision making, empowerment and decentralization of decision making is more efficient because with faster rate of transfer a multinational company can now operate globally whilst maintaining the necessary control of its subsidiary company. For instance by video conferencing, web cam, e-mails and fax it is possible to decentralize a company’s operations and simultaneously providing more flexibility to management. With the availability of more information from the many different sources this would lead to better coordination of information as well. As a result of that there is a tendency that the management hierarchy is a flat one. For example DELL Corporation has a flat with operations across the globe.

Essays on information

essays on information


essays on informationessays on informationessays on informationessays on information