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A video that is both instructional and fun. The article text concludes by saying "Don Norman's seminal book on design, The Design of Everyday Things, ... (p)ublished 25 years ago, it remains just as relevant today. Doors shouldn't need instructions. When most people complain about something, nothing happens. But Norman is not most people -- he's a psychologist and cognitive scientist. So his writing about his complaints is so incredibly thorough that he changed the way design works. And the "human-centered design" revolution he sparked changed not only how designers work, but also how people in fields like public health work to make the world a better place. This is why Melinda Gates believes human-centered design is one change that could save the world. To find out what all this has to do with crappy doors, watch the video."

For the past quarter of a century Supreme Court Justices have ruled that women have a constitutional right to abortion. The Courts have rules that contraception and abortion are protected under the right to privacy or liberty as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment says that no one will be denied “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” (Alderman and Kennedy 55). Over many years liberty has come to include privacy especially in regard to family matters and reproductive decisions. Additionally, the 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection of the law. Since men do not get pregnant, then a woman should not be required to risk her life, her health, her job, or her career because she had sex when I man does not have to risk his. Under substantive due process the Constitutional Right to reproductive freedom is implicit under the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures of our homes, person and possessions. This is reflected in Justice Stephen Breyer’s opinion that if “a woman did not have the right to choose an abortion then, in effect, the government was taking control or seizing her body. A woman’s Constitutional Right to reproductive is implicit” (Rowland 106). Rights to reproductive choice have been established and reestablished in many cases. The Supreme Court Judges have debated, argued and given their legal opinion. Abortions have been deemed as a right under the Constitution many times over many years. The Constitution cannot be pulled to fit the current political atmosphere. In every single case that has been heard before the Supreme Court since Roe v. Wade, the Constitutional Right of women to have abortions has been upheld and should continue to be upheld.

Essays in defense of raymond sebond summary

essays in defense of raymond sebond summary


essays in defense of raymond sebond summaryessays in defense of raymond sebond summaryessays in defense of raymond sebond summaryessays in defense of raymond sebond summary