Essay on red fort in urdu

Sheesh Mahal (means Sheesh-mirrors and mahal-palace) is situated in the northern and southern sections. There is a well designed Khas Mahal (Emperor’s Palace) as a special room for private purposes like worship or sleeping. A nice balcony in designed using the white marbles projecting towards the banks of Yamuna River. There is a well designed Peacock Throne. The text “if there is a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, and it is this” is engraved on the walls of it. There is a Shah Burj is designed in the palace for the emperor’s private conclaves and relax in privacy. A Moti Masjid also called Pearl mosque which was added in the palace by the emperor Aurangzeb. It contains three domes and looks very elegance. North to the Moti Masjid, there is a Hayat Baksh means a Mughal garden which was built by the Shahjahan.

If you really think that the US bishops are somehow behind my little article, all I can do is laugh.  For over 25 years, Catholics have nothing but ignore me when I talk about this phenomenon and not a single bishop from anywhere has shown any interest.  I couldn’t even get other Catholic bloggers to care. I expected no less from this piece but when an NCR editor wrote and asked me to do a week ago, I thought “why not?  I have all those old posts languished unread - I can cobble this together in no time.”  I didn’t really expect anyone to read it.  And that’s about as intentional as it got.

Essay on red fort in urdu

essay on red fort in urdu


essay on red fort in urduessay on red fort in urduessay on red fort in urduessay on red fort in urdu