Essay on development vs environment

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
Freud was born in Freiberg, Moravia, and died in London, England. He belonged to Vienna, where he resided at for eighty years. His long life spans one of the most creative periods in history of science. When Freud was three, his family took him to Vienna, where there is when he saw the publication of Charle's Darwin's Origin of Species. The following year Gustav Fechner founded the science of psychology, He demonstrated that mind could be studied scientifically and measured quantitatively. Darwin and Fechner ended up making a tremendous impact on Freud's intellectual development.
Although Freud had been trained in medicine and received a medical degree from the University of Vienna in 1881, he never intended to practice medicine. He entered the university when he was 17, and undertook his first piece of research in research consisted of recondite tests of eels. After he had finished this research, he began devoting his time to the nervous system. When Freud began his practice of medicine, he realized he had a gift to specialize in nervous disorders. He went to Paris for a year studying Charcoat's method of treatment. Freud was disappointed to find that the hypnosis would work for only a short period of time. Freud then began studying a man Joseph Breuer. It was then Freud learned the technique “talking-out-your-problems.”
This was the turning point for Freud's scientific life. It was then that Freud became a psychological investigator. His laboratory was a room he treated his patients in, his only piece of equipment was a couch, and his data was the ongoing talking of his patients. In the 1890's Freud began analyzing his own unconscious behavior and thoughts. By doing this he was able to ...

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..., which helps the baby develop trust to its care giver. The final stage is integrity vs. despair which occurs during late adulthood which is when the individual begins to evaluate how they lived their life.
Through their theories, works and lives we can see many differences and similarities between these two influential theorists. From Freud’s five psychosexual stages to Erikson’s eight psychosocial stages, it is easy to see that these two psychologists have created a stepping stone for all psychologists and people to study and look back on as we develop in our own lives today.

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Essay on development vs environment

essay on development vs environment


essay on development vs environmentessay on development vs environmentessay on development vs environmentessay on development vs environment