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One can get an amazing collection of readymade items and cotton items on the Marine Drive road and the GCDA shopping compleX. One great thing about shopping in Cochin is that there are many varieties of cotton clothes that would fetch high prices in Western shops. This means that a lot of them make it onto market stalls in Cochin and with a bit of clever bargaining and ‘bundling’ you will get some great buys for a fraction of what they would cost back in your country. There are many fast food joints and cafes on the roadside and one can always stop there to munch on some eatables while on your shopping spree.

Mamilla Mall contains 300,000 square feet (28,000 m 2 ) of retail space. [27] Its 140 stores appeal to all economic strata, from high-end international chains Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie & Fitch ; to Israeli designer boutiques such as Castro , Dorin Frankfurt, and Ronen Chen ; to mid-range restaurants and a "supermarket-style" pharmacy. [2] [18] There are numerous chain stores selling fashions and cosmetics, as well as gift and souvenir stores. [28] The Gap store, which opened in the mall in August 2009, is the chain's first store in Israel. [29] Among the cafes are branches of Café Rimon , Aroma Espresso Bar , and Spaghettim. [30]

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Essay about shopping mall

essay about shopping mall


essay about shopping mallessay about shopping mallessay about shopping mallessay about shopping mall