Essay about my motherland

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it is said that, people now consider salary as a priority when they choose their career. While I agree that salary in one vital factor of a job, there are others that are equally important.
on the one hand, money plays an important role in our life. that is why salary is seen as the first choice when choosing a job. We all need money to cover all the basic needs, for instance, food, electricity, water, gas. a good salary not only provide all the needs but also a better quality of life by bringing us everything we dream of like better cars, bigger houses. Moreover, life is much easier with a high stable income. We usually feel satisfied and comfortable if we are not living in the lack for finacial support. Therefore, with all the points mentioned, it is fairly to say that salary should be primarily considered when choosing a job.
on the other hand, there are various aspects against this argument. Many other factors are also contributing to a right decision. the feeling of satisfaction of a job does not come only from the salary, it comes from many aspects, for example, ambition, friendly environment, supportive leaders. These factors not only affect our life but also our working progress. An uncomfortable working environment could lead to depression. Working without ambition makes our life heavier and tasteless. Moreover, if we do not feel happy about our jobs, we will not do our jobs with best effort and we will not get promoted into higher positions.
in conclusion, a good job includes many different factors. i highly recommend that salary should be considered carefully and, however, other factors cannot be excluded.

I study in Modern School in Mumbai. My school is three storied building . I study in Class II and my class room is on first floor . My classroom is big and spacious . It is very neat and clean. It is airy and lit.  It has 18 benches for students to sit. Two students can sit together on a bench. I sit with my best friend. Our Bench has a shelf to keep books. Our classroom has 5 tube lights and 4 fans. It has two doors and three big windows. There is the fixed large black-board on which the teachers write with chalk . There is a big table and a chair for the teacher. There is a cup board in a corner for teachers to keep their books in it. The walls are white and clean. They are decorated with charts and maps and pictures of great personalities . I like my classroom very much.

Essay about my motherland

essay about my motherland


essay about my motherlandessay about my motherlandessay about my motherlandessay about my motherland